Ruder Finn Group launches crisis simulation programme SONAR in India, allows data integration from regional Indian languages a crisis simulation platform that prepares companies to manage and handle crisis

New Delhi- Ruder Finn Group has launched its' crisis simulation tool SONAR in India. 

The rollout in India is underway, with Ruder Finn recently training consumer technology companies using the tool. The platform also supports scenarios that integrate online and offline escalations in any language, including Indian regional languages.

Charles Lankester, executive vice president of Ruder Finn’s Global Reputation Management Practice, said, “Over the past five years, SONAR has been an indispensable training tool for many of the world’s largest companies in the finance, consumer, technology and luxury space. We have continued to improve the SONAR experience, adding deep fake videos for example, that train clients on emerging threats. Whether it’s cyber security, political instability, consumer flare-ups or salacious scandal, we equip companies with the tools and knowledge they need to mitigate the latest reputational threats of today.”

Commenting on the announcement, Atul Sharma, managing director, Ruder Finn India, said, “The training is authentic and the tool highly customisable - it can operate in any language, including regional languages, ensuring clients receive a true-to-life understanding of the ecosystem.”

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