Ruder Finn starts Web3 Connect service, offering expertise in Crypto, NFTs, and Metaverse

New Delhi, 25th February 2022: Ruder Finn India today launched Web3 Connect. With a focus on upcoming sectors like Crypto, Metaverse, and NFT, the new service aims to assist and support brands with their storytelling with emerging technologies.

 Additionally, Web3 Connect will also engage in proactive conversations with developers, regulatory bodies, enterprises, and governments to drive advocacy programmes.

Speaking about the announcement, Atul Sharma, managing director, Ruder Finn said, “Ruder Finn has always invested in sectors that allow us to push the envelope and redefine the boundaries of storytelling. With a strong portfolio of top brands and companies in the blockchain, NFT, and Fintech segments in India, and a 12-member team of experts, we are focused on mastering the craft of the digital realm and bringing alive the experience for customers today.”

Demystifying the blockchain sector for industry experts and the uninitiated for greater outreach of brands and corporate, Web3 Connect will actively pursue multiple stakeholders of the dynamic and ever-evolving token-based economy. 

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