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Manufacturing equipment major Schwing Stetter India encourages employees to exercise their right to vote

Schwing Stetter India, a leading manufacturer of construction and concreting equipment, launched an internal awareness campaign as a part of call to action for their employees to exercise their democratic rights and participate in the electoral process. This initiative not only amplifies Schwing's motto of "100% voting" but also fosters a culture of civic responsibility and engagement among its workforce.

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Commenting on Schwing’s commitment to voting for India, V.G Sakthikumar, chairman & managing director of Schwing Stetter India, “At Schwing Stetter India, we understand the vital importance of effective governance in driving our nation forward. With a significant number of first-time voters among our team, we appreciate the influence their voices hold in shaping our country's future." 

"Through our engagement efforts, particularly through awareness campaigns, we remain steadfast in our pledge to achieve 100% voting participation. By uniting our voices through internal initiatives, we actively contribute to building a stronger and more inclusive India."

As an expression of appreciation for Schwing’s voters, the company is providing the voting individuals with special goodie bags, that contain items promoting sustainability and eco-friendly products. Through this, they are aiming at reminding the society that it is our collective responsibility to preserve our environment to have a greener future.

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