Sharif Rangnekar moves from CEO to Chairman at Integral PR

Sharif D Rangnekar is now chairman at Integral PR after a decade as CEO. The firm will now be run by its two presidents - Aseem Bhargava and Adhish Mehrotra. They will be supported by the recently set up National Advisory Team that includes leaders from different markets specialising in issues and crisis, digital, integration and media relations.

Bhargava has over 25 years of work experience in corporate communications and public relations. He has been with Integral PR since December 2013 and looks after operations while working in the area of issues and crisis, and media. Mehrotra moved in to the firm in 2011 

Rangnekar, a former journalist with The Economic Times, recently stepped down as President of PRCAI after being in charge for four years.

Rangnekar will now mentor, train and provide a strategic direction to the consultancy. He will also help build new services and be involved in special projects and existing alliances and partnerships. “We have significant depth and breadth in the agency and the time is ripe for some of our brilliant leaders to run the show and build our business from where it is and where it can be,” Rangnekar said on moving in to the role of Chairman.




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