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Star Squared PR rebrands following accelerated growth

Star Squared PR, a Bengaluru-based global public relations agency has completed its rebranding effort in response to its accelerated growth since its inception. 

Launched in 2016, Star Squared PR works on a hub and spoke model with agencies from across the world. They offer their services to leaders from industries such as cybersecurity, customer relationship management (CRM), education, logistics, hospitality and more. The agency follows a research-based approach to support its clients’ PR activities, campaigns and communication initiatives. Several brands have remained with the agency since its inception, contributing to its high retention rate.

Priyan DC, CEO, Star Squared PR

In 2022, the agency completed its six year milestone and continues to onboard several global and Indian brands. Priyan DC, founder and CEO, Star Squared PR said, “We believe that the media and marketing landscape is constantly evolving and PR teams must have a collective vision and purpose to stay ahead of the times. The one thing that has been consistent in Star Squared PR’s journey is our quest to learn and evolve our perspective."

"We strive to improve the quality of our services, build all round collaboration and find our success in the growth and recognition of our clients. Our rebranding is in line with this very vision.”

Star Squared PR wanted a fresh approach to their logo to exhibit their professional expertise. They turned to GAAP Communications to conceptualise and develop a logo that reflects the brand’s ethos. Commenting on the design process Gopalakrishna Damodar, partner, GAAP Communications said, “Our aim was to convey Star Squared PR’s ethos, the way they go about their work, what drives them and what makes them successful. So we had to depict innovation and differentiated thinking, openness and flexibility, proactiveness, all powered by an energy that is controlled and well-channelled, and backed by mature, solid and stable reasoning."

"The cube is one of the most stable and well-balanced structures but it is also seen as rigid. By removing one of its sides, we made it open and receptive while retaining its solidity and stability."

"Likewise we imbued it with energy by choosing the colour red. But by opting for a deep shade rather than a fiery bright one, we tempered that energy with wisdom thereby making it more productive.” He added.

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