Taboola India readership insights: pandal hopping, actor Prabhas attract top attention

Taboola, powering recommendations for the open web, and helping people discover things they may like, released the readership insights on the festive season for the month of October 2022. Using topic insights, Taboola newsroom used real-time audience analytics to discover some of the interesting and trending topics that caught Indian readers’ attention over the last month.

India has a diversity of cultures, religions, and traditions that can be seen in the variety of celebrations throughout the year. The beauty of the festivals comes from the harmony between various religions and cultures. 

During such times, readers across the country indulge in reading relevant content about different festivities and trends around it, which show a surge in pageview traffic, revealing useful insights into the diverse interests of the Indian audience.

Here are some of the key insights revealed by Taboola around festivities:

  • Durga Puja: Durga puja is a widely celebrated festival in India, but in Kolkata, it is simply unmatched. This year, closer to the celebration of Durga Puja, people were excited about pandal hopping. However, one specific puja pandal had delighted pandal-hoppers for honoring the city’s dogs. Notably, a team of four from Kolkata Police’s dog squad were the chief guests at the inauguration of the state’s ‘first-ever’ pet-friendly Durga Puja. Pictures of four dogs bending down in front of the deity shared by the Kolkata police went viral, winning people’s hearts, and have witnessed most of the traction and surge in pageviews. Moreover, during the nine days of this auspicious festival, a significant rise of 524% in pageviews was witnessed.Moreover, this year, Kolkata’s Durga Puja entered the world of the Metaverse. This was a great initiative of the Indian start-up – XP&D, its group company Metaform, and another firm, Spatial. The 3D platform that was created for this purpose allowed visitors to enter a shared social space where people can come together from the comfort of their homes.
  • Dusshera: Actor Prabhas, who plays Lord Ram in the upcoming film Adipurush, performed the Ravana dahan. Much to the delight of his fans, they reacted to pictures and videos of the actor from the event, calling him the 'spitting image of Lord Ram’ - Witnessed a 739% surge in pageviews compared to the last 45 days and peaked during the day of Dussehra.
  • Karva Chauth: Karva Chauth is one of the most popular Indian festivals and is a celebration of love, marriage, and the unbreakable bond shared between a husband and a wife. According to the data revealed by Taboola newsroom, there was a 2032% rise in readership as compared to the last 45 days when people read about the chauth upasana time and when the moon will rise on Karva Chauth.
  • Diwali: On the ‘festival of light’ people like to read about Diwali parties, party recipes, shopping, gifts, etc. As a topic, Taboola newsroom revealed a huge surge of 795% in pageviews.

Moreover, Diwali shopping becomes a hot topic around the festival. The Flipkart big Diwali sale offered great discounts on numerous items such as mid-level or flagship smartphones, home appliances, clothing, and many more. The articles related to the big Diwali sale on the e-commerce platform witnessed a readership rise of 202% as compared to the last 45 days.

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