Tata Motors, Nissan and Ford are the most mentioned auto brands online for July 2013

A new study by The Blogworks India Auto Social Index has revealed that Indias largest auto mobile manufacturer, Tata Motors topped the most mentioned auto brands online in July 2013. Ford and Nissan were the runners up.

As previously discussed, the internet, mobile and social media is a massive market for brands trying to communicate with their potential customers, especially with Indian audiences. Ipsos OTX and Ipsos global found that social media users in India are 81% active on brands online pages.

Many auto brands have taken note of this and have increased their online presence within sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, with Indias Tata Motors making a big impact. These sites have also been used heavily for promoting new products of the brand.

The India Auto Social Index report can help manufacturers by showing them their online performance and also how they compare to their leading competitors. The July 2013 report tracks the most mentioned and the most vibrant brands, which is the difference between the percentage of positive mentions and the percentage of negative mentions.

See the infographic below: