Text100 India launches HyperText with former Bite team

Communications consultancy, Text100, has launched ‘HyperText’, its new brand in India. HyperText will be part of the Text100 India Group and is made up of the entire ‘Bite India’ former team. This follows the merger between the finalisation of the merger between Text100 and Bite in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and in mainland Europe in January 2015. 

While in other countries, the Bite team has been absorbed into Text100 -  India is the only country where this has not happened and a separate brand has been set up instead with former Bite professionals. Anne Costello, regional director, Text100 Asia told PRmoment India that HyperText will be able to cater to specific requirements of the Indian market which includes the requirement for a smaller, boutique agency feel and integrated PR with strong digital skills.

While Text100 provides several integrated services in India, HyperText will focus on building upon its existing base of digitally led, influencer and communications campaign expertise.

Costello also told PRmoment India that India is still behind the tipping point for integrated communication as compared to other APAC nations. Only 20% of Text100 India’s clients require integrated communication services. However, with the inclusion of the HyperText skill set - 100% of those clients take the integrated PR route, Text 100 hopes to build on the growing requirement for a holistic approach to communications in India.  

HyperText also takes a community led approach to social media, looping in print journalists to the mix by treating their online assets as a community to engage with.

Pranav Kumar, former managing director, Bite India and now managing director for HyperText, said that HyperText can offer both pure play PR and digital services which include everything from building a website to producing infographics to the use of LinkedIn tools for influence.

Kumar will report to Sunayna Malik, Managing Director, Text100 India.

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