The Fulcrum Awards 2017 Announced

The Fulcrum Awards 2017 powered by the Promise Foundation and is accepting entries for the second edition of the awards programme. The awards will have 40 categories and are open to individuals and teams from both consultancies and organisations for work done during the period January-December 2016. The awards night will be held on September 16th, 2017 in Jaipur.

The Fulcrum Awards in the inaugural edition set a benchmark with 397 entries from over 70 organisations. This year the Fulcrum Awards partners with one of the Big Four Audit firm to ensure process audit and due diligence. This will be first of its kind collaboration between a PR awards organizer and a Big Four Audit firm.  

The Fulcrum Awards is the only platform of its kind which ensures separation of jury, sponsors and participants. The Fulcrum Awards is the only platform of its kind which ensures separation of jury, sponsors and participants. The jury will not participate in the awards. The jury consists of 20 senior communication professionals of various organisations along with few consultancy representatives who have no presence in India. The jury will be  chaired by P Balaji, Director-Regulatory, External Affairs & CSR Vodafone India Ltd. To know other names  visit

The second edition of the Fulcrum Awards 2017 is refreshed with 40 categories divided under four sub heads with an objective to recognise both individuals and team contribution and they will be:

Technique Awards: There are 11 sub categories under the technique awards that will be judged for outstanding campaigns .This will have three awards that of Gold/ Silver/ Bronze.

Consultancy Professional Awards: There are 11 individual categories that will honour professionals from PR consultancies born in or before 1980.

In-house professional: There are 11 individual categories that acknowledge professionals from corporate communications who are born in or before 1977.

Special awards: These include seven categories which honour seven outstanding entities.

The entries must highlight the work undertaken for the period of January 2016-December 2016. The entries are to be uploaded on the website The judging is a rigorous two-stage process including pre-scoring to determine first shortlists and a jury meeting where entries are discussed and evaluated in detail to decide the winning entries.

The Fulcrum Awards in 2016 was launched with the aim to provide a platform for applauding individuals and teams who worked relentlessly throughout the year on impactful communication campaigns. We received outstanding response and are back with the second edition The Fulcrum Awards 2017, that is open now and accepting entries till May 31, 2017.

For further details reach out to the awards director, Hina Issar Huria at or take a look at the Fulcrum Awards website.

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