‘The Mavericks’ signs partnership deal with AV, digital content firm, ‘Word of Mouth Media’

Reputation management advisory - The Mavericks and Word Of Mouth Media, today signed an exclusive partnership agreement.  The partnership allows 'The Mavericks' to offer video storytelling capabilities for brands. In turn, this tie-up adds earned influence and communications capabilities to the repertoire of services of Word Of Mouth.

Commenting on the rationale behind the new partnership, Chetan Mahajan, founder and CEO of 'The Mavericks',  told PRmoment India, "While we would love to build all the skills required to be a one-stop solution for our clients, they don't have the luxury of time to wait for that eureka moment. We intend to bring every capability under the communications umbrella, such as reputation management, digital and video content, all under one roof to be able to offer our clients campaigns that are integrated for effective messaging across all channels."

The Mavericks and Word of Mouth Media will not take a fee for referring clients to each other but will go forward as one team. The two organisations hope to have 50% of their clients in common over a period of time.

Commenting on the partnership Sarika Panchhi, CEO Word Of Mouth said, “The key to every successful campaign is inspired, insightful and effective communication that is able to create an emotional connect with the consumer, regardless of format. With 'The Mavericks', we now have a full spectrum of services that is a combination of creative communication and effective dissemination to ensure that it is maximized and value for our clients is magnified.”

Since the Mavericks set up shop in May 2018, led by  Chetan Mahajan former president & CEO of H+K Strategies, the firm has quickly rolled out partnerships, including one with 80dB Communications to combine forces for North India. 

Word of Mouth is headed by brother and sister duo, Vineet and Sarika Panchhi, the firm is based in Dehradun, with additional operations in Delhi and Mumbai. ( Pictured right). 

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