The MSL-PRmoment 'PRogress 2019 Career & Competencies Survey’ is now open for responses

The PR business in India is at a critical juncture today, at the tipping point of arriving at its true value and potential as the one function that has a 360-degree view of an issue, an organisation, or a business.

In order to gain a better understanding of compensation and skills levels in the PR business in India, PRmoment India in partnership with MSL India has launched a survey today. It is completely confidential and anonymous, no respondent names and organisation names are being asked for or captured. It is open to both PR firm executives, as well as inhouse consultants.

Please click below to take the survey:    

Take the MSL-PRmoment 'PRogress 2019 Career & Competencies Survey'

Amit Misra, CEO, MSL said, "India has top tier PR talent, doing extraordinary work. But what are their key challenges, what are the skills that need more attention, what are their aspirations from a compensation point of view, what do they love about their work and what inspires them? PRogress 2019 is an endeavour to come up with insights that will help us address the gap."

The survey results will help to frame a set of recommendations from inter-industry experts for what can be done to support greater learning among PR professionals. 

Please click below to take the survey:

Take the MSL-PRmoment 'PRogress 2019 Career & Competencies Survey'

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