The Whole Truth (TWT) launches an unconventional campaign to recruit 'HONEST' Influencers

The Whole Truth (TWT) - India’s first 100% clean food brand - has launched a unique social media campaign called ‘The Whole Truth-Sayers’, aimed at finding (and working with) an honest set of influencers whose opinion is based on actual experience.

The campaign features Shashank Mehta - founder & CEO of The Whole Truth - who calls out how the trend of influencing has lost its core essence. 

Mehta then goes on to explain that TWT believes there still are honest influencers out there, and how The Whole Truth-Sayers campaign aims to shine the spotlight on them. All they need to do is create a video depicting ‘The Whole Truth of Influencer Marketing’ as they see it. Mehta and a panel of judges  that includes actress Gul Panag and Suchita Salwan, co-founder, Little Black Book will shortlist the 50 most deserving participants 

The jury will have these 50 participants create a concept note for their next content piece - a true opinion about TWT. Only if the influencers actually love TWT and what they do, will TWT work with them. The first 20 such influencers will form the first batch of The Whole Truth-Sayers.

A smart way indeed to create a buzz around 'The Whole Truth.'

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