TIAA GBS India appoints Rishi Tanna as Director, Corporate Communications, CSR and Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

He also has his own talk series, "When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade."

TIAA GBS India has appointed Rishi Tanna as the director of corporate communications, CSR and ID&E. He will be responsible for spearheading, driving and executing TIAA India's integrated communications strategy that is aligned to the India entity, corporate social responsibility and ID&E agenda. 

In addition to the existing initiatives, he will also focus on content & digital PR, external and internal communications, and employer branding as the key levers.

Rishi brings over 19 years of experience in PR, Brand Building and Communications. His earlier stints were with Holcim India (ACC & Ambuja Cements), BNP Paribas India Group and Hindustan Unilever. 

At BNP Paribas India Group, Rishi was part of the core team instrumental in setting up the corporate brand, marketing and communications department for all its entities. He also worked extensively on HR Communications with a strong focus on D&I, L&D and Mobility to build the employer brand of choice.

An avid follower of new trends and technologies, Rishi believes that CommsTech, Neuromarketing and 3 Vs (Voice, Video and Vernacular) will drive the next phase of growth in the field of Communications and Brand Building. Rishi also has a keen interest in macroeconomics, financial markets, geopolitics and travel. Outside of his professional commitments, you will find Rishi speaking at colleges, and participating in podcasts and webinars. 

Rishi also works with military veterans, enabling them to transition smoothly to corporate life.

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