Tinu Cherian Abraham set to rejoin UST Global, will lead PR globally

Tinu Cherian Abraham, a well-known influencer in the communications space, has

joined digital technology solutions firm UST Global today. Abraham will be 'group manager - PR & media relations and will lead PR for the company for India and globally. He will be based in Bengaluru. 

Abraham turned to PR and corporate communications over 5 years ago, after working as a software engineer for a decade with several IT firms in India including Infosys, Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems.

Abraham has a strong online presence and a personal brand. He is considered a leading Twitter influencer. He also worked with Wikipedia and was a board member of the Wikimedia India Chapter, an approved chapter of Wikimedia Foundation that operates Wikipedia. As head of communications for Wikimedia India Chapter, he led a volunteer team for handling Wikipedia's PR outreach.

Before Harman, Abraham worked with ride-sharing major Ola as a senior manager, PR & Communications and at UST Global in an earlier stint, as a PR manager.

Correction: This story has been amended to say that Tinu Cherian Abraham previously worked at Harman as senior manager supporting the corporate communications team.

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