VFS Global's Sukanya Chakraborty talks about managing a global PR leadership role on the PRmoment Resilient Leadership podcast

Never has resilience been more under focus as post-pandemic. To understand from the PR leadership how they are dealing with the challenges and opportunities of work in this unique time, PRmoment introduces the Resilient Leadership Podcast

Sukanya Chakraborty, global head - corporate communications & CSR, for the visa services giant, VFS Global, shares her point of view on how she deals with the challenges of leadership.

She says, "What you call a stress or a challenge, it's actually a situation that you are confronted with to solve. I don't start getting flustered with any challenge that comes my way if I can understand what the situation is, what is the context as to how and why that situation has shaped up. Because if you don't understand that, you'll never be able to find a solution to overcome that, especially if you're just looking at it as a stress or a challenge."

Doodling is what keeps her calm, here is a special doodle she drew for PRmoment podcasts incorporating the PRmoment logo and her philosophy of staying centred.

Do check out the full entire podcast here:

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