Video first health campaigns effective for healthcare communication for generic pharma sector

C Com Digital is working on creating healthcare awareness campaigns run by the Indian pharma sector. 

The company focuses on video-first communication using social insights, AI and analytics.

India is the largest supplier of generic medicines and vaccines in the world, and there are thousands of drug manufacturing facilities in the country. 

The generic pharma sector still focuses on traditional methods of marketing including sending their medical representatives to meet doctors or sharing product pamphlets. These in-person marketing and traditional formats are inadequate to help the Indian pharma companies meet their objectives.

Chandan Bagwe, founder / director, C Com Digital said, “ Going beyond simply the medical terminology, our video messaging is crafted with a focus on highlighting all round impact and need. For instance, a cardiovascular disease can not only be debilitating or life-threatening for the patient, but a cause of financial hardships and expenses for the entire family. Thus, we highlighted the preventive approach and medicines that can help prevent the risk. The key is to do in-depth research and create contextual and emotionally relatable messaging for the audience.”

C Com has worked on campaigns on topics such as period pains, heart diseases, diabetes and other such ailments which are very common but lack awareness on best solutions available. Some of their campaigns encourage patients to take medication while others are sensitive towards people’s financial struggle when it comes to taking medication. 

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