What does India think of India?

Today, India holds the centre stage in the global arena as an emerging economic power. But, the spotlight has triggered a debate in the media regarding the enigma of brand India.

After six decades of independence, India is often heralded in the international media as a rising economic giant, yet commentary on its economic might is often coupled with criticism about its archaic bureaucracy, political instability, corruption, social issues, and socio-economic inequalities.

Events over the last few years, fuelled by the rising access of tools for India’s citizens to make their voice heard, have shined a bright spotlight on how brand India is perceived.

The PRCAI have conducted a Brand India Survey – designed to gauge what brand India stands for. Below is a selection of the results:

Who or what best defines India? 

Which of these options, according to you, best gives an understanding of India?

What do you think has helped build a presence and a sense of pride for the nation globally?

What could be the main reasons for the recent economic setback?

What can drive change and belief in the nation so as to create a brand?