White Rivers Media and New York-based Phyvital join hands, open Web 3.0 doors for Indian marketing

 White Rivers Media and Phyvital have come together to offer Metaverse and Web 3.0 user experiences.

New York-based Phyvital is a global-integrated Web 3.0 driven tech first organisation. It enables companies to create, engage and amplify Metaverse experiences for user communities. They collaborate with companies globally, and are backed by the Stanford University Human Perception Lab’s founder and director, Dr. Khizer Khaderi.

Dr. Khaderi offered some insights on this announcement: “The most exciting part about our collaboration with Phyvital is that it enables us to share our research with the Metaverse community. We are excited to see Phyvital partner with White Rivers Media to bring their synergies to build compelling Metaverse experiences and turn these endless possibilities into reality!”

Shrenik Gandhi, co-founder & CEO of White Rivers Media said, “Simply put, this is the giant leap forward that we’ve been waiting to take in the Indian advertising, marketing and gaming industries. In the world of creating and distributing digital experiences, stagnation is as good as sliding backwards. By joining hands with Web 3.0 specialists Phyvital, we now have the unique opportunity to write the Metaverse chapter in the book of White Rivers Media.”

To this end, Phyvital and White Rivers Media are in the process of finalising several brand partnerships, and will be announcing the same in the weeks to come. 

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