Wizikey launches PR measurement standard with ‘News Score’

IAN-backed martech startup Wizikey, announced the launch of  NewsScore, to measure news visibility for brands & individuals. Based on media intelligence gathered from 10 Million+ news sources, globally, the score will be available for countries such as India, Australia, and Singapore.

Anshul Sushil, co-founder & CEO Wizikey said, “Having seen thousands of users logging into Wizikey, we understood that digital-savvy marketers need one metric that they can chase to build brand awareness via PR. And upon customer interviews and discussions with industry experts, we felt the need to launch a central metric - like PageRank for PR & Communications.”

Wizikey’s NewsScore is determined with parameters that include the volume of news, headlines presence, the reach of publications, and readership. The algorithms developed for NewsScore are built using AI and ML technologies, keeping in mind the huge volumes of news to process as well as sourcing related impressions data.

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