Zeno Group to target acquisitions globally for growth

The 39.9 million US dollar, Zeno Group, will be going the strategic acquisitions route in order to spur growth. The Zeno Group, a Daniel J Edelman company, hopes to  grow into a 100 million US dollar company- and one of the routes is via acquisitions.

Barby Siegel, CEO, Zeno Group, told PRmoment India that, “ Along with organic growth, we are also looking for strategic acquisitions that share our set of 5 core values that include being fearless, collaborative, human, true to our word and committed. As we grow, we want to make sure that we remain centered around our values.”

Siegel, who is on her her first trip to India, declined to name any specific company they are looking at but did say that areas of interest for Zeno would be digital, brand marketing and storytelling expertise.

Zeno Group’s revenue stood at 10 million US dollars when Siegel took over as CEO in 2009. Today, the revenue stands at at 39.9 million dollars. Zeno's India office under Papri Dev has added new clients such as Motorola and is the leading growth region for Zeno.

While Dev ruled out any acquisition for Zeno in India for now, the team has been strengthened. 

Zeno Group India has announced three new additions to its leadership team in India. Zeno is looking forward to further amplify the growth, by focusing on digital marketing and creative content marketing solutions. Zeno has appointed Rasika Bamba – National Digital Marketing Leader, Neha Singhvi – Market Leader North and Deepika Sandhu as the Market Leader West.

Papri Dev, Managing Director, Zeno Group India, says, “ Over the last two years we have built ZENO as a brand to be reckoned with in the integrated communications space in India given our global mid sized credentials & our blended approach to new age communications to build brands & their storytelling. I am extremely delighted to have a young & dynamic leadership team on board, these are strategic additions to our team, with proven track records.”

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