PR pros share their top Diwali campaigns, Cadbury, Bikano gets a thumbs up

It's that time of the year. With the run-up to the festive season,  it's time for brands, especially consumer-facing brands to make their campaigns glimmer and glint with Diwali joy.

HP: Make a place for the artisans "Thodi Si Jagah Bana Lo”

 Aanchal Kohli, head of corporate communications, of digital marketing agency SoCheers, says, "There's something truly special about campaigns that touch hearts and leave a lasting impression on us. It is especially true during Diwali, a time when brands have an opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level.  One that stands out is HP’s “Iss Diwali, Thodi si Jagah Bana lo” campaign which presented heart-warming expressions of compassion and generosity to support traditional artisans and businesses. 

The film showcased an elderly artisan displaying his art on the street. He was asked to vacate the spot by a security guard and move somewhere else; leaving him helpless and in search for another place to display his art. A woman witnessed the entire situation and came up with the solution to create a dedicated platform to display his art and pay homage to him. Echoing the tagline 'Thodi si jagah bana lo’, the film urged the audience to make a little space for the craft of local artisans in their homes.

Bikano promotes adoption on Diwali:  #AchhiSochKeSaath #KaheinDastaanKhusiyonKi

India's leading snack maker, Bikano, took up an unusual topic for Diwali. Its campaign promotes the cause of adopting a child in the face of the typical pesky Indian relative who has an opinion on everything including whether an adopted child is really your own. The campaign smartly used the story of Yashoda and Kanha to counter this point, saying that this relationship, beautifully described in our epics, proves that the adopted child is as much your child as that of your blood. it also tied it up neatly with a call to action, for every missed call at a toll-free number, Bikano will donate an equivalent amount to orphanages.

This theme is even more surprising coming as it is from a typically, conservative family-owned firm. Hat tip to Bikano.

Watch the video here:

Cadbury's, the G.O.A.T of Diwali Campaigns!

When you say Diwali, its the iconic Cadbury campaigns that come to mind.

Not surprising then that Amrita Sarna's, communications lead, Unilever International (UI) favourite Diwali campaign is  Cadbury #Gharkidukan.  She says it , "Adds to the festive cheer by celebrating with a community while also spotlighting ‘entrepreneurial’ India - the emerging, confident face of our urban milieu."

This year, Cadbury Celebrations took the concept further with the #ThisAdIsMyStore campaign. Every Cadbury Celebration ad had a unique QR code that would connect you to a small business owner. Using mass tech to connect millions of potential shoppers to a set of small business owner who may not be that social media savvy.

Amazon's take on self care this Diwali 

Sourik Bose, senior account executive, Adfactors PR, says, "My favorite Diwali campaign is Amazon’s Apno ki Diwali Campaign - Amazon's Diwali campaigns in India have been well-received in recent years. They focus on the idea of celebrating Diwali with loved ones, even if they are far away, by sending gifts. 

I loved this campaign because - campaigns that emphasize emotional connections, family bonds, and the importance of celebrating Diwali with loved ones tend to resonate with me. It’s a relatable and heartwarming story. It focused on the traditions, rituals, and customs associated with the festival."

Additionally, Amazon's Diwali campaign this year took the idea forward with their ‘Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi’ campaign, that gently nudges people to celebrate themselves as well as family and friends this Diwali.

Carat Lane's Diwali Campaign

For Caroline Fernandes, Adfactors PR, Carat Lane's message that turned tables by having the young wife present diamonds to her mother in law struck a chord. Here's why:

"Empowering Message: The campaign's central message of women pursuing ambitions, creating new paths, and celebrating new beginnings is both powerful and uplifting. It inspires individuals to pursue their dreams and welcome change.

Personal Connect: The campaign appeals to people's personal and relatable aspects of their lives. Everyone has hopes, desires, and new beginnings, so this marketing campaign appeals to a broad audience.

Celebrating Achievements: It emphasizes the significance of women celebrating personal accomplishments and achievements. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a wonderful time to celebrate milestones and new beginnings, making it an ideal fit.

Fernandes  adds, "As I have started my corporate career a year and half back, I feel that for us it is very important to celebrate these little achievements we achieve.This keeps us motivated and helps us go forward to do bigger things."

Least Favourite Diwali Campaign

Sometimes brands do get in wrong. Here are the campaigns our readers didn't much care for.

Anand Mahesh Talari, co-founder & managing director, Mavcomm Group

"Least Favorite - There is a campaign from Urban Company on Special Cleaning for Special Occasion. I personally feel that the insight is completely off the mark. The cleaning in the traditional sense has to be done personally by the residents of the house and is a mix of spiritual and physical cleansing.

See the campaign here:

Favourite - From a PR campaign perspective, I personally am proud of a campaign we did for Audi Indiia, in the past, where we got media and influencers interested in talking about the innovative lighting technologies in cars to coincide with the festival of lights."

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