PR Pundit's Archana Jain talks about her 'First Job in PR'

What was you first job in PR like? What lessons do you remember from that

Archana Jain (right) with Genesis BCW's Deepshikha Dharmaraj at New Holland Tractor product trial.


Let's dive straight into our new twice monthly column, 'My First Job in PR'.

We chat with Archana Jain, managing director, PR Pundit for this walk down memory lane.

Do walk along.

PRmoment India: What was your first job in PR?

    Archana Jain: I was the PR Manager of Hyatt Regency Delhi for two years – it was a marketing communications role which included supervision of graphics, collateral development and PR. I had the opportunity to work on a new advertising campaign for the hotel by advertising agency RK Swamy.

    PRmoment India: What did you do with your first salary and how much was it?

      Archana Jain: In 1991, I took home a princely sum of Rs. 2,500/- and had

      Archana Jain (left) at Whyte&Mackay press conference, early 90's

      some prized privileges like discounts on dining with family at the hotel, or getting a pick of the scrumptious patisseries at special prices; special allowances for hotel room nights through the global network; etc.

      Not just my first salary, but mostly my salary would get consumed in refreshing my saree wardrobe, as I was required to be immaculately turned out in formal sarees during the working week.

      PRmoment India: One lesson from your first job you still carry?

        Archana Jain: I was required to maintain a red file as an emergency requirement, which needed to carried out of the hotel in case of fire. This got me into a habit of ensuring that all the key documents not only have a back-up but are always handy.

        PRmoment India: Your biggest dream then?

          Archana Jain: Designing and executing a winning campaign, which will be referenced by generations as case study in the PR industry.

          PRmoment India: One PR tool you remember from then?

            Archana Jain: Research – global trends and initiatives not just from within the Hyatt Group but also by other notable hotel brands. Research remains my greatest ammunition to date!

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