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Choose your PR Training Courses's online training courses are extremely flexible. The modules can be bought individually to fill specific knowledge gaps or they can be bought as an online certificate package, as part of a career development plan.

All the online courses take the form of an interactive 90 minute, live webinar tutorial. Here is the full list of courses:

Title Course Type Level Online Payment Price (US Dollars) BACS Payment Price (Indian Rupees)
PR and Brands Online Intermediate 60 3700
Measuring and Evaluating PR Online Intermediate 60 3700
Introduction to Public Affairs Online Beginner 60 3700
Good Media Relations Online Beginner 60 3700
Developing an internal communications strategy Online Intermediate 60 3700
Managing your Client Relationships Online Intermediate 60 3700
How to prepare for a presentation Online Intermediate 60 3700
Pitching to win new business Online Intermediate 60 3700
Managing Client Reputation Online Intermediate 60 3700
Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Online Intermediate 60 3700
Running Political Campaigns Online Intermediate 60 3700
Getting to Grips with Grammar Online Beginner 60 3700
Making The Most of Facebook for PR Online Introductory 60 3700
Social Media Etiquette Online Intermediate 60 3700
Creating a Virtual Press Office Online Intermediate 60 3700
Digital Landscape for PR Online Beginner 60 3700
How to create an effective blog Online Beginner 60 3700
How to create an effective podcast Online Beginner 60 3700
Web Tools for PR Professionals Online Intermediate 60 3700
Making the most of Pinterest and Social Bookmarking for PR Online Intermediate 60 3700
Google Adwords for PR Consultants Online Intermediate 60 3700
Using LinkedIn for PR Campaigns Online Intermediate 60 3700
Twitter 101 Online Intermediate 60 3700
Introducing PR in a Digital World Online Intermediate 60 3700
Understanding Search in a Social Media world Online Intermediate 60 3700
How does SEO work? A guide for PR practitioners Online Intermediate 60 3700
Creating and Curating Compelling Content for Social Media Online Intermediate 60 3700
How to manage your time and workload more effectively Online Beginner 60 3700
How to Grow from a Junior to a Senior Consultant Online Beginner 60 3700
Crisis PR in A Digital World Online Intermediate 60 3700
Crisis Management Online Intermediate 60 3700
Understanding Finance Online Advanced 60 3700

What you need to know:

1. Our Online Certificate is aimed at intermediate level practitioners looking to progress their careers through a wide range of bite-size courses. To complete the Online Certificate, delegates will need to complete 12 of the webinars below to amass a total of 120 points.

2. This certificate is jointly endorsed by the PRCA (a UK PR trade association) and the PRCAI.

3. The Online Certificate is flexible in all respects. The range of courses enables delegates to focus on areas that they wish to develop, while the technology means that delegates can complete the 90 minute courses without leaving their desks, thereby saving time and travel costs.

4. These courses are specifically designed for PR professionals.

What you get:

1. As well as incredible value training, delegates who complete the Online Certificate will receive a certificate signed by our Qualifications Board. The Board is made up of leading industry professionals representing consultancy and in-house PR, as well as the public and private sector.

2. For the individual, these courses will allow you to gain greater knowledge and insight into a variety of PR-related areas, this is ideal for professional development and will be a fantastic addition to any resumé.

3. For employers considering purchasing any of these courses, investing in these professional qualifications will ensure that your employees are up-to-date with various topics important in the world of public relations, which can then be added to the services you offer. Research also shows that high quality training equates to happier employees, which in turn leads to reduced staff turnover and, from a PR agency’s perspective, happier clients.


The cost of each individual course is $US 60 when paying online. If you are booking more than 5 courses, and wish to be invoiced, please email If you would like to opt for the Online Certificate, the online payment cost is US$745. Again, if you prefer to be invoiced, please contact

If you would like more details or to book the Online Certificate please email or call  00 44 1962 832 542. We also have payment plans available for employers who want to enrol more than one of their team; please feel free to ask us about these. training is endorsed by:


Some Testimonials from Indian PROs who have been on our courses:
“The online session was very informative. The trainer took us through a very detailed presentation on the subject with examples. It was a very clear and interactive communication. After every topic discussed he asked us for any related queries that we may have. All in all, a very insightful session.”
Sujata Chakraborty from Adfactors Bangalore office

Why should you bother with training?

"Most research shows that education and training gives real benefits such as greater work satisfaction, improved pay progression and better opportunities to work on more challenging projects. My research on future senior communicators for the Institute of Public Relations found that top communicators must be life-long learners in order to get to C-Level or close.

"In addition to honed communication skills, they need to have command of communication management theory and practice, business and finance methods and analytical skills. That means study to Masters Level or immersion in high-level business training. For everyone else, training is a no-brainer in such a fast-changing communications world. Stand still and you fall back."
Professor Tom Watson, Professor of Public Relations,The Media School, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

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