How to prepare for a presentation

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Format: Our online courses take the form of an interactive 90 minute, live webinar tutorial.

Why this course is useful:
Being able to deliver eff ective presentations is an absolute must for anyone working in PR. This course is designed for senior executives and account managers who want to improve their pitch presentation skills and be able to present confidently in public.

How attendees will benefit:
• Have a clear presentation purpose that is audience focussed and ensure they are well structured and clearly signposted

• Have an intellectual thread of steel running through your presentations

• Like a good story, have a clear beginning middle and end

Who should attend:
This course is aimed at PR practitioners who would like to improve their presentation skills.

What attendees will learn:
• How to plan for a presentation

• How to structure a speech or  presentation

• How to speak during a presentation, including the use of signposts and visual aids

• How to handle questions

• How to manage nerves

Further payment information:

The cost of each individual course is $US 60 when paying online. If you are booking more than 5 courses, and wish to be invoiced, please email If you would like to opt for the Online Certificate, the online payment cost is US$745. Again, if you prefer to be invoiced, please contact

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