Measuring and Evaluating PR

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Format: Our online courses take the form of an interactive 90 minute, live webinar tutorial.

Why this course is useful:

PR is coming under increasing scrutiny from clients and management to be accountable - and prove its worth. At the same time some of the traditional methods of evaluating a PR campaign are being dismissed as lightweight and ineffective. Add in to the mix the many new theories and methods of measuring the impact of a PR campaign and you can see - effective evaluation of PR is a vital piece of knowledge for a PR practitioner.

How attendees will benefit:

Gain an overview on the latest thinking in evaluation, what is available, how to apply it to your campaigns and how to make IT an integral part of your management.

What attendees will learn:

• Why evaluate? And the need to have it at the heart of everything you do.

• The common pitfalls of evaluation and how to avoid them.

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