PR and Brands

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This course is aimed at account managers and account directors, and is especially useful for PR practitioners who have not worked in brand management to see PR from the client’s point of view.

Format: Our online courses take the form of an interactive 90 minute, live webinar tutorial.

Why this course is useful:

Targeted at PR practitioners who have not worked in brand management, this course will provide context ensuring you understand the relationship between
brand and communications. It will explain how marketing and brand managers are trained to understand what happens in the marketplace, and how to demonstrate the true role of public relations in making money for brand-owners. It helps PR practitioners understand brand management from the client’s point of view, and to position PR as a more central role in the brand-launch, branddevelopment and brand-maintenance process.

How attendees will benefit:

Discover how brand managers and marketing executives are trained, how brands work economically and why PR is poorly understood by many brand managers. Understand how to win the right budget and the right role for PR, how to speak brand management’s language and align with their actual goals and how to improve relationships with brand managers and secure larger budgets for PR.

What attendees will learn:

• The value of brand-leadership

• How brands work: the consumer mentality; trade decision-making

• How brand-managers think: making a difference quickly

• The brand life-cycle: launch, development, maintenance, protection

• The role of public relations: media, events, online, word-of-mouth

• Premium brands: creating enhanced perceived value

• Brands and the media: getting brands mentioned

• Re-positioning and rescue

• Mobilising brand advocates

• Integration with advertising and promotional/POS agencies


Further payment information:

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