Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Format: Our online courses take the form of an interactive 90 minute, live webinar tutorial.

Why this course is useful:
Most clients engage in philanthropic, charitable, ‘good neighbour’ and volunteer activities as a matter of course. Historically, there has been no perceived need to plan or organise these initiatives as part of a company’s overall reputation management strategy.

This is changing. Business organisations and their brands today are under increasing scrutiny from well-informed and sceptical consumers, encouraged by the media and by a host of independent arbiters of corporate good behaviour. Stakeholders of all kinds, and not least investors, nowadays take account of a company’s CSR when they form their professional and personal opinions. A creditable CSR programme is a key factor in a business organisation’s ‘licence to operate’.

How attendees will benefit:
Attendees will understand the origins and the place of CSR in board-level thinking, the difference between ‘compliance’ and ‘conviction’ CSR and how to develop a CSR strategy. They will also discover how to secure media and KOF recognition for CSR achievements, how to communicate CSR to diverse corporate stakeholders, how to evaluate CSR results and how to present a convincing argument for CSR to their clients and manage its implementation.

Who should attend:
This is aimed at all levels who would like to understand more about corporate social responsibility.

What attendees will learn:
• The core concepts and tools you need to advise clients on constructing a CSR policy

• The forces which are driving CSR investment

• The various rationales for CSR activity

• CSR’s place in the reputation management spectrum and compares various companies’ approaches

• The methods for aligning CSR with corporate objectives

• How to measure and evaluate CSR with ideas on tracking CSR results and reporting them to management

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