Teamwork Communications Group launches Influencers engagement wing

 Teamwork Communications Group today announced the addition of a new 'Influencers engagement wing' as part of efforts to offer a more integrated communication approach to new age customers.

Nikky Gupta, co-founder and director, Teamwork Communication Group, said, “With the tremendous growth and ever expanding reach of digital media, influencer marketing has emerged as a lucrative strategy for brands today.

As a result, clients today seek a more integrated approach to communications solutions from PR agencies".

The new wing of the company will focus particularly on brands that are looking for a more cohesive and modern approach to its communications campaigns.

Use of social media influencers, be it bloggers, Instagram or Facebook influencer, has emerged as a viable strategy for brands in recent times as it allows them to offer a more personalised outreach to consumers through influencers they trust.

Even micro-influencers on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook can influence consumers and help brands establish a better connection with their target audiences.

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