Water technology firm Air-O-Water awards communications mandate to Mavcomm Consulting

Air-O-Water Private Limited, an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) company, has today announced that it has awarded the company’s communication mandate to Mavcomm Consulting, an integrated communications consulting firm.

The mandate became effective from August 01, 2020. Air-O-Water uses technology that creates water from the humidity in the air, giving fresh, bacteria-free, pure drinking water. Moreover, this water is completely untouched by contaminants in the ground or any other surfaces, unlike piped water. Air-O-Water is designed to produce sufficient amounts of water in conditions of lower humidity as well in an air-conditioned environment, acting as an effective dehumidifier.

Commenting on the announcement, Siddharth Shah, Director of Air-O-Water said, “Air-O-Water offers a solution that is extremely relevant for India with the increasing water scarcity and incidents of water contamination in our country. Our vision is to be a world-class organization that can provide pure drinking water for every man, woman, and child. Towards this vision, people need to be aware not only about the Air-O-Water brand but also about the tremendous benefits provided by AWGs. We needed a partner who could understand our vision and work with us closely. Mavcomm team understood both the nature and dynamism of a fast-growing company like ours and we are confident that Mavcomm Consulting will help us build and communicate our vision thereby widening our reach.”

“We are excited to partner Air-O-Water in their growth journey. When the Air-O-Water team told us about the concept, we were surprised that such a wonderful concept has minimal awareness and sensed an opportunity to create category-defining work. We presented a reputation-building framework that resonated with the dynamic management team of Air-O-Water. With our experience of working with consumer brands, we are confident that we will be able to take the message of Air-O-Water to key stakeholders,” said Anand Mahesh Talari, co-founder and managing director, Mavcomm Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Air-O-Water has also hired digital firm Above The Line Media & Entertainment.

“We at Above The Line Media and Entertainment are super pumped and excited to be the Digital Marketing Agency that Air-O-Water trusts in. We want new, futuristic technologies like Air-O-Water's to come forward and capture the digital space for which we are always here,” said Keyur Shah, CEO, Above The Line Media & Entertainment.

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