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Level Up Your PR with AI: Tools & Tactics: Nakul Ghai explains how

The world of communications and PR can be a challenging place with tight deadlines, strategic messaging, and press collaterals to manage. As someone who has spent over six years in this industry, I have always tried to stay ahead of the curve. However, the curve has accelerated, driven by the force of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The PR landscape is rapidly changing alongside AI, and recognizing the urgent need to adapt, I embarked on a self-directed journey of experimentation, exploration, and continuous learning. This journey I believe resonates with many fellow PR practitioners.

The Symphony of Human and Machine: Navigating the Advancements of AI Assistants (GPT-3.5, GPT-4, DALL-E, Gemini & Co-Pilot)

My adventure into the world of AI started with the discovery of GPT-3, which opened the door to the fascinating craft of prompt writing. Learning the skill of creating clear, succinct, and precisely targeted prompts revealed the immense potential of large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3. These LLMs have an unmatched ability to generate diverse types of creative text, from well-written press releases to engaging social media content.

As I went deeper into my exploration, I came across Gemini (formerly Bard), an AI assistant that offered more than GPT-3. Gemini's access to real-time, up-to-date information was a breakthrough, especially in tasks such as research summaries, conducting media audits, and keeping up with the latest trends. It became clear through using both GPT-3 and Gemini that a well-crafted prompt works like a conductor's baton, directing the LLM to produce content that resonates strongly with the intended audience.

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I also tried playing around with GPT-4 and DALL-E, examining their features and capabilities in the context of PR and communications. GPT-4's paid version provides enhanced functionalities that could improve workflow. It has a bit more advanced text generation capability, a better understanding of context, and nuanced language output. Using DALL-E, one could create visually appealing assets for PR campaigns, from catchy graphics for social media posts to innovative visuals for press materials. Its integration with text prompts enabled seamless collaboration between text and visual elements, enhancing the storytelling aspect of PR campaigns.

Continuing my quest for AI companionship, I now find myself navigating the capabilities of Microsoft Co-Pilot, the latest addition to my toolkit. Co-Pilot can act as a reliable companion during brainstorming sessions. It not only suggests alternative phrasings but also helps in overcoming writer's block and improving existing content. 

Co-Pilot goes beyond mere writing assistance; it acts as a catalyst for innovation, sparking fresh ideas and fostering a more creative approach to preparing communication pieces.

What sets these tools apart is not a matter of establishing supremacy, but rather the nuanced features they offer to enhance the efficiency and productivity of PR professionals. Their seamless integration with the Web and productivity suites could offer a streamlined workflow and expanded horizons for creative expression. As the symphony between human ingenuity and machine intelligence continues to harmonize, the landscape of PR evolves, driven by the capabilities of these advanced AI assistants and I am continuing to see how this unfolds.

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Leading the Way: Nurturing Innovation in PR

As AI continues to transform the industry, leading the way means embracing new technologies and exploring their potential applications. My curiosity about AI has also led me to try out various new platforms associated with simplifying administrative or repetitive tasks. For instance, I stumbled upon tools like Gamma, Notion, and their unique capabilities that can change the face of PR.

Gamma, for example, is a good tool for automating many manual tasks like creating presentations from scratch. Gamma searches through vast amounts of information quickly and accurately. This not only saves time but also provides valuable ideas that can inform PR strategies. Notion, on the other hand, has proven invaluable for collaborative projects. Its seamless integration of AI features with project management tools helps streamline workflow, enabling team members to collaborate more effectively regardless of physical locations. Tasks like scheduling, document sharing, and progress tracking help enhance productivity and project transparency.

The recent buzz surrounding Sora has ignited my excitement for the future of multimedia storytelling in PR. Imagine generating captivating images and videos within seconds, perfectly tailored to amplify the impact of a press release or social media campaign. As PR professionals, we understand the power of visual storytelling, and Sora promises to elevate our capabilities to new heights. I can’t wait to try it out.

To put it simply, the concept of leading the way goes beyond just adopting new tools; it involves a mindset of continuous exploration and adaptation. 

AI is not a static entity, but a rapidly evolving field. This is why I actively participate in AI-focused webinars, industry conferences, and online communities. Not only that, but I also try to find time to catch hold of McKinsey or Deloitte reports to keep up with AI-related developments. Engaging with AI-focused groups and thought leaders on LinkedIn is broadening my perspective, allowing me to gain valuable knowledge from diverse experiences. The discussions and debates within these communities often spark new ideas and approaches that I can apply to my work, ensuring that I remain at the forefront of AI integration in PR. By embracing the possibilities of AI, PR professionals can enhance their productivity, creativity, and impact.

Nakul Ghai, global communications, PR & public affairs specialist

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