Top 10 PR trends for 2018: AI, selling the value of PR and more!

Every year, technology progresses faster than ever, new tools launch new tools and social platforms enter the market which produce ever-evolving trends.This has impacted PR and has made the working significantly more dynamic.

Here is all that you need to know about the latest top 10 trends in PR:

1. The end of the traditional press releases
Many government and private organizations still send their stories through traditional press releases, but a majority of them also simultaneously adopted the online methods. 

2. Improvement in PR strategies & analysis: For a good PR practitioner analysis is crucial. Using proper data analysis tools, PR is now advancing its process and implementing appropriate tools.

3. The collaboration of paid and earned media:  In today’s competitive world, PR professionals have to maintain synchronization with paid media as well. Since earned media alone cannot win, it needs to understand how paid tools and techniques work.

In 2018, we will see a number of companies opting for this blend of paid and earned factor.

4. SEO oriented approach: SEO is all about using relevant keywords to make your information visible on the Google’s search engine results (SERP’s). The PR world is quickly adapting the SEO tools & related parameters.

5. Real-time expansion: With the number of users of social media channels PR is becoming channel of live updates/reporting. 

6. Artificial Intelligence: Technology has already launched a variety of measures to summon the basic research, data analysis and media monitoring for organizations. But with the integration of AI, some PR functions will be automated. Here’s what next-gen thinkers have to say about latest trends in PR 2018 will bring with AI:

"Every industry will need data scientists; every company will need access to data scientists or data science tools in order to remain competitive. As a simple example, predictive analytics tell businesses what they need, when, and where. A company with excellent predictive analytics will have a significant advantage in cost reduction and customer service over a company which guesses when demand will be highest."

“Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence should make public relations easier for most companies, from predicting when customer interest will be highest to identifying potential crises and mitigating them before they explode.” — Christopher Penn, @SHIFTcomm.

7. Lending Video and Graphics Support: Studies prove kids learn better in smart classes than the regular ones because minds find reality like visuals more captivating!

To create brand value and awareness it is necessary that target audiences get clarification about the products and services a company is offering. The PR industry must accept this approach to creating a firm brand value by using visuals and graphics.

8. Thought Leadership: Do you ever consider why people love to listen to Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Steve Jobs speeches? Because they are successful leaders. Who doesn’t want to hear how leaders think!

Thought leadership on social platforms has emerged as a new and rising trend. This involves publishing of blogs managed by senior management, CEO’s on various social platforms, like facebook, google plus, LinkedIn, Quora. 2018 will see a new thought leadership value to be engaged by PR professionals. 

9. Calculation of analysis: The output of shared content could now be gathered easily monitoring likes, dislikes and reviews stats.

10. Selling the value of PR: Last but not the least, with the advent of emerging technology many claimed that the end of PR is near. Here’s a leader’s take on the above-declared comment:

“The biggest issue is that people who work with or use digital marketing or social media marketing thinking it can replace PR. CEOs and CMOs are looking for quick marketing growth hacks and don’t realize that third-party validation and strong press are the only true way to get your company’s story told.— Nicole Rodrigues, CEO, @NRPRGroup, Beverly Hills, CA.

Neha Yaduvanshi is founder, Vastada Consulting.

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