Top Four Brilliant PR Campaigns in 2016

The PR Industry is older by another year, and 2016 delivered some of the finest moments. From US Presidential campaigns to the sudden and sheer emphasis on the Indian economy to go cashless, PR professionals have been rather busy all throughout. Here we highlight four of the best of the PR Campaigns witnessed in 2016, and what made them the real winners.

Presidential Aspirations - Trumping it with the PR
While the world seemed divided on the candidature of Donald Trump as the next President of the USA, there is no denying the fact that the man got his PR right. His eventual win had only goes to prove that his PR campaign struck the right chord with the American voters.

Although he invested quite less in traditional media, as compared to his opponents, yet media couldn’t stop talking about him, especially on the issues Trump wanted. Despite his tactics being distasteful or at best, unconventional, he slammed the media with the strategic use of PR.

If they must, PR professionals should learn to unabashed and audacious, to enjoy the same success as Trump. Instead of always trying to dodge controversy, one should stick to the initial messaging and pursue with unnerving and unflinching strength. Lastly, as a rule of thumb, social media is always going to be your best bet.

Leaked Email or Fantastic PR Recipe?
Fans of Krispy Crème and Nutella had an early Christmas on May 5, when they received an email apparently meant for the Store Owners of Krispy Crème. The email announced the upcoming launch of the brand’s new Nutella flavored doughnut, further claiming the doughnut to be faint-inducing good! In a matter of few hours followed the said leaked email, Krispy Crème started trending on Twitter, with people passionately anticipating the new doughnut.

While the brand did recall the email and issued a statement of apology, it still amounts for an incredible PR campaign, since it could garner both, the mass anticipation and the viral effect.

From Beer to Chocolate Bar on Easter
The brewing company decided to do something different on Easter, and hence, Londoners were greeted with a pop-up bar made entirely of chocolate. The fully-functioning chocolate bar of 5m width and 3m depth was perhaps the biggest idea by the brewing company ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend. The campaign brought together two most fundamental things everyone absolutely loves on holidays – beer and chocolates. Part of the ‘If Carslberg Did’ series, the campaign further added to the mighty recall value of the brand and delivered a statement of promise that Carslber is ever ready to push the boundaries for creating extraordinary moments out of the ordinary.

Bus Stops transformed into mini gyms by Reebok
Sporting brands have been head-to-head against each other. In order to improve its customer outreach and engagement, Reebok flawlessly executed a campaign of transforming six bus stops into mini gyms. Bus shelters now appeared workout ready, with steps, bars and a personal trainer made available at all these 6 stops. Fitness enthusiasts engaging with the trainer or working out at these invigorating new gyms, were given an option of posting their pictures on social media, hence sharing their fitness accomplishments, along with ensuring that the campaign goes viral on social media.

This idea is a winner for two prime reasons: firstly, at the ease with which the campaign can be integrated into everyday lives of people and second, for the subtle viral-potential.

As warranted by our natural affinity and inclination to evolve, these lessons only serve as a strong lesson for the year to come. It is an exciting time for the PR Industry and I for one, cannot wait for contemporaries to unveil better than the best upcoming PR Campaigns of 2017.

Gaurav Patra is director & founder of Value 360 Communications Pvt Ltd

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